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The following list is the listing of volumes and sections of the Significant Tree Register

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4. Sizes are indicated alongside the heading. Volumes have files ranging from 10,962kb to 131,122kb Sections have files ranging from 102kb to 28,395kb By clicking on the items in bold, will bring up a PDF file of the whole volume By clicking on any of the sections, will bring up a PDF file of that section only

  Index 713kb
  Botanical Reference List 501kb
  Historical & Cultural Reference List   1766kb
  Landscape Planting in Belair National Park 1,756kb

STR vol 1 85,627kb
  Index1 713kb
  Sir Edwin Avenue >28,395kb
  Cherry Plantation 16,788kb
  Gold Escort Ground 11,863kb
  Joseph Fisher cork oaks 6,719kb
  Joseph Fisher sequioas 8,234kb
  Sequioa Avenue 13,623kb

STR vol 2 48,704kb
  Index2 195kb
  Bunya Pines 12,883kb
  Dukes Avenue 9,684kb
  Incense cedar 3,087kb
  Kurrajong 2.131kb
  Norfolk Island pine 4,403kb
  Red horse chestnut 2,557kb
  Sweet chestnut 6,030kb
  White horse chestnut 7,231kb

STR vol 3 45,909kb
  Index3 242kb
  Arizona cypress 2,471kb
  Atlantic cedar 2,392kb
  Bhutan cypress 2,984kb
  Cypress cultivar 2,649kb
  Deodar 3,901kb
  Flowering gum 3,771kb
  Golden cypress 3,495kb
  Hawthorn maze 6,490kb
  Italian cypress 5,507kb
  Kaffir apple 2,800kb
  Marri 3,610kb
  Monterey cypress 2,494kb
  Pencil pine 2,653kb

STR vol 4 131,122kb
  Index4  274kb
  Holly-leafed cherry 4,307kb
  Aleppo pine - Old Government House 4,161kb
  River red gum 1 4760kb
  River red gum 2 7,579kb
  River red gum 3 2865kb
  River red gum 4 6,829kb
  River red gum 5 7,996kb
  River red gum 6 3,269kb
  Rock fig 2,482kb
  Row of Canary Island pines 3,011kb
  Sugar gum & yate plantation 7,075kb
  Sugar gum 6,189kb
  Walnuts 4,664kb

STR vol 5 64,929kb
  Index5 254kb
  Burr oak 3,526kb
  Cork oak 3,509kb
  Cork oak - State Flora 9,469kb
  English oak 4,834kb
  Giant sequioa 3,135kb
  Governor Buxton's clump 3,568kb
  Holly oak - Rose Arbor 2,703kb
  Holly oak - Long Gully 2,176kb
  Holly oak - Park Entrance 2,966kb
  Lindens - Long Gully 5,338kb
  Elms - Main Oval >8,037kb
  Lindens - Melville Gully >4,950kb
  Pin oaks 3,043kb
  Pyramidal oak 4,423kb
  Valonia oak 2,501kb

Belair Park Map

Overview of Significant Tree Locations (Expanded in Preface: Introduction)