The Friends of Belair National Park Inc - Activities

(FREE entry to Belair National Park when participating in a Friends’ activity).

New Meeting Place for Bushcare and Walks

From now on the meeting place for all Bushcare and Tuesday/Sunday Walks will be the Green Shed. To get there: go through the ticket office entrance, turn right at the T-junction (you are now on the "exit" road) then turn left at the MAIN OVAL sign - you will see the Green Shed ahead on the right hand side.


Volunteer's Green Shed - Photos and collage by Hayley Prentice


Friends of Parks

Community Voices have released a short promotional video on the role community groups play in maintaining our unique parks over South Australia.

Group working bees

Every Tuesday and Friday 8.30am to 10.30am all year round. Meet at the Green Shed prior to starting time.
For the 3rd Saturday of each Month 9.00 am to 11.00 am. Meet at Green Shed prior to starting time.

NOTE: Bushcare activities for the day will be CANCELLED if the forecast Adelaide temperature at 10:00am (for the day) will be equal to or exceed 30 degrees.

This activity often includes removing weeds requiring a variety of techniques. These include:

  • Hand pulling
  • Ring barking
  • Poisoning - when all else fails
  • Overall spray
  • Frilling and filling with poison
  • Biological control
Adopt a block

Following training, why not form a small group and register to keep a block free of weeds after weeds have been removed by group working bees. It is essential to follow up to eliminate any weed regrowth.... Free training!

Plant propagation for restoration

Monthly Meetings

Meetings will be held each month (except January), and will be held at the Volunteer Centre, Long Gully, Belair NP, commencing at 1:00pm. Speaker first, then the meeting. Start time for barbecues is 12:30pm. Monthly meetings are restricted to members only.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is usually programmed on the first Saturday in February unless there is a total fire ban and then it is held on the first Saturday in March. It will be held in the Volunteer Centre, at the intersection of The Valley Road and Saddle Hill Road, commencing at 1:00pm. The AGM is open to all members and the Public in general. At the meeting elections are held for the members of the new Committee. The AGM will be followed immediately by the general meeting. At the conclusion of this meeting there will be a presentation of years of service Awards followed by afternoon tea. Note that free entry of your vehicle to the Park will be allowed on advising the Park Attendant at the ticket office that you will be attending the Meeting.

Belair Bush Buddies

Belair Bush Buddies is a new group aimed at the upper primary school age group who live near Belair National Park and have an interest in the natural environment. It is run as part of the The Friends of Belair National Park Inc and all Bush Buddies will become members (or be part of a family membership) of the Friends group to participate. Meetings will be held monthly on the second Sunday (10am to 12pm)and may include a guest speaker as well as an activity. Belair Bush Buddies now have their own Web Page (see above) that will enable those interested to keep up to date with the activities.

Nature walks/strolls

These walks are free and and the Public is invited. They are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and repeated the following Sunday, between April and November and are aimed at viewing native plants that are currently in flower. This will mean that interested people who cannot attend our Tuesday guided walks will now have the opportunity to participate on a Sunday. Ask at the Park Ticket Office for your free entry, and proceed to the Green Shed at 1.45 pm for a 2.00pm start. The walk will be approximately 2 hours in length finishing around 4pm.

For 2023 our guided walks will be on the following dates:

April 11th...Repeated Sunday April 16th

May 9th...Repeated Sunday May 14th

June 13th...Repeated Sunday June 18th

July 11th...Repeated Sunday July 16th

August 8th...Repeated Sunday August 13th

September 12th...Repeated Sunday September 17th

October 10th...Repeated Sunday October 15th

November 14th...Repeated Sunday November 19th

Note: If there is heavy rain or strong winds or severe weather forecast ... The walk will be cancelled.

Significant Trees

A group of our members have carried out a significant tree identification program. This includes trees which are significant because of their beauty or have historical meaning. Some of the trees are now on the "National Trusts of Australia Register of Significant Trees. A Significant Tree Register web page has been allocated to this activity

Special Events

Friends of Belair National Park Birthday

The formation of the Friends of Belair National Park was 19th December 1985. This year we will be 38 years old.

Professor Sir John Cleland Memorial Walk in Belair National Park

Prior to the formation of the Department of the Environment in the seventies the National Park at Belair was run by a group of Commissioners. Professor Sir John Cleland was Deputy Chairman for five years from 1931 and was Chairman from 1936-1956. During this period of office, Cleland undertook the self-imposed task of inspecting Belair National Park on foot, during the period between Christmas and New Year's Day. It was his purpose to assess the management of the park, in relation to weeds, firebreaks, fencing and anything else that came to his attention, so that he could advise park staff more specifically as to how they could best discharge their duties. While regular inspections with the other Commissioners generally occurred within Belair, John Clelend at this time set out to walk around its boundaries.

It is this action of his that the Friends of Belair National Park seek to commemorate with the Professor Sir John Cleland Memorial Walk. By doing so it is hoped to draw attention to the history of Belair National Park, and the role of one highly significant person in the managing, developing and appreciation of this Park.

Activity Reminders

For all official functions planned by The Friends of BNP ask at the Ticket Office, Belair National Park for free vehicle entry.

Public Welcome
Guided Afternoon Walks
The next (and last for 2023) walk will be on Tuesday November 14th and repeated on Sunday November 19th 2022

Meet at the Green Shed at 1:45pm for 2pm start. From April to November - 2nd Tuesday of the month and repeated on the following Sunday>


Meet at the Green Shed (near Main Oval) BEFORE 8.30am Tuesday and Friday mornings. For information contact Barb on

Bush care on other days, meet by arrangement. For 3rd Saturday of each month at 9.00am meet at the Green Shed

Public Welcome

Professor Sir John Cleland Memorial Walk in Belair National Park for 2023 will be held on (to be advised). Meet at the Green Shed at 1:45pm for 2pm start.